The paintings in this exhibition are available exclusively through the studio. Prices include shipping worldwide. For further information please contact me at All that is Precious #3An Achill WalkAn Achill Walk - FramedAll that is Precious #2All that is Precious #2Under Winter SkiesUnder Winter SkiesFamily DaysAnother DayAnother DayWinter RoadWinter RoadSummer FarmhouseA Soft Rain ComingUnder the Mountain ShadeUnder the Mountain ShadeA New Day Will ComeA New Day Will ComeEverything that is preciousThe Way HomeWaiting for the SunA Soft Rain ComingMy Blue HeartOn a Calm DayOn a Calm DayUntitled 2A Quiet TimeSomeone is WaitingTogetherOrange HazeSummer Day, KillineyFamily Ties