'Fáinne Óir, a unique hybrid of music, dance and dramatic recitation, is the recent creation of composer Kathy Fahey, who along with co-producer Mike Hannon and choreographer Ciara Sexton, brought to the New York stage for one performance a timeless story of the Irish-American experience five generations in the making.

....The set design is sparse and simple, and artist Padraig McCaul’s abstract and curiously cubist artworks, as the sole backdrop of the space, brought an intriguing modernist perspective to the constantly reinventing story of Irish-American progress.' (from the Irish Echo, USA. See the full review here....)

Here is the complete collection of paintings that were used in the show, along with some beautiful stills from the New York (James Higgins Photography) and Castlebar (Alison Laredo Photography) shows.