Combine Art and Practicality with Exclusive Wax Hurricane Lanterns

Decorate your home with these hurricane lanterns featuring some incredible landscape art. These unique, handmade LED wax candles are the result of a special collaboration with the Blue Ridge Craft Company from Coleraine on the Northern Ireland coast.

Led Candles with Handcrafted Designs

My LED hurricane lanterns are hand-made and feature a painting from my collection. The painting featured on each lantern is printed on Irish Linen before being moulded into specially hardened wax. These wax print candles are completely safe and flame-free and come with an electrical LED light. The LED light is dependable and durable, emanating a warm, soft glow similar to a night light. We proudly offer free shipping anywhere in Ireland, and for our friends in the USA, your order will come with US plug fittings.

A Quiet House - Hurricane LanternA Quiet House - Hurricane LanternA New Day - Hurricane LanternKeem RedKeem BlueThe Quietest Day LanternTwo Hearts - Wax LanternAchill Sheep - Hurricane LanternAll that is Precious - Wax Print LanternFour Ever Together - Wax Print LanternThree Together - Wax Print LanternSentinel - Wax Print LanternThe Boathouse - Wax Print LanternThe Promise - Hurricane LanternFamily Ties - Wax Lantern